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Planned Absence Form

From LCA Student/Parent Handbook:

Quality education requires regular, systematic instruction and consistent classroom participation.  A priority of Lighthouse Christian Academy is to use instructional time productively.  Regular attendance is critical if the results of the teaching and learning tasks are to be maximized.  Because of the sequential nature of instruction, any unnecessary and/or excessive absence severely impedes the educational process.  Therefore, attendance policies have been established with the best interests of students, parents, and LCA in mind. 

 Normally, any student missing more than 9 days is “flagged” on the state attendance report.  This is maintained by the IDOE and is part of the student’s permanent record.

 Family Trips:  Since the school calendar allows ample time for vacations in and around the holiday seasons, parents should make every effort to arrange vacations to coincide with the school vacation times. Vacations during regularly scheduled school days are considered unexcused absences.  Please make every effort not to take vacations during examination weeks. If it is necessary for students to miss school because of a trip, parents should complete a “Planned Absence Form” and submit it to the school office at least two weeks before the absence. Parents are responsible to contact their children’s teachers for assignments. Classes will vary as to how much work will be available ahead of time. Every effort should be made to complete as much work as possible before the absence.  

College Visit: Each high school junior and senior is allotted 3 days exempt absences each year for college visitation.  These days do not count as an absence.  College days are not to be taken during examination weeks.

Make-up Work: The student is responsible for ensuring required assignments are completed on time; assignments are posted on Schoology. Many classes are accessible virtually.  Please contact the teacher to join the class online. Some previously assigned work, such as research papers or special projects, are to be turned in by the due date required. Research papers or special projects not turned in on the due date will be subject to a 10% grade reduction for each additional day the assignments are late.

  • For an excused absence, the student will have on (1) calendar day for every school day missed to complete make-up work. Pre-arranged excused absence work is due as scheduled with teachers. 

  • For an unexcused absence, the student must be prepared to take all missed tests and quizzes and to turn in all missed work on the day the student returns to class. The student must also be ready for the current day’s assignments. Tests, quizzes and missed work not completed and turned in on the day the student returns to class will be subject to a grade reduction. A 10% grade reduction will be made for each additional day the assignments are late.  Classwork and participation grades due on the day or days of unexcused absences will receive no credit for each day of class missed. Teachers have the discretion to reschedule make-up work.
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