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Everyday Fundraising

Each day, there are ways to help LCA with your normal shopping.
General Mills Box Tops: On General Mills products, and there are lots of them, you will find a small label that says, “Box Tops for Education.” Each box top is worth 10¢. Please cut them out and bring them to LCA. We redeem them for cash and use the money for supplies for our classrooms. Watch for a list of products to come home.
Kroger: Specify “Lighthouse Christian Academy” under community support. Please note, you MUST be renewed every year to remain valid. Click here to sign up or renew.
Office Depot: Every time parents, students, and school supporters buy school supplies at Office Depot and give LCA’s ID number, 70202160, Lighthouse receives credits equal to 5% to use for free supplies.

aiseRight (formerly ShopWithScrip or “Scrip”): Everyone is encouraged to take part in this easy way to help our school while also earning tuition credit for your family for the next school year!  For more information, please ask at the office. Use Gift Cards for all your regular shopping at a wide variety of stores in the Bloomington area and beyond. Online ordering is available through the RaiseRight app or at The LCA code is available from Mrs. Payne at [email protected]. Instructions are included with your RaiseRight Program information packet found in your Family Handbook Folder. (For the convenience of our LCA Parents, we stock gift cards for the most frequently ordered retailers in the LCA Office.) 

Coke Caps and Labels: Save the cap from participating bottles and the coupons or label codes from multi-packs. The drop-off container is in the foyer.
Pizza X: Collect and save Pizza X proof-of-purchase tabs from the pizza boxes. Ask your friends to save them too. Each proof-of-purchase tab is worth 25¢. The drop-off container is in the foyer.
ABITIBI: The green and yellow dumpster in the parking lot is a paper recycling fundraiser that we do here at LCA. Please recycle all your newspapers, office paper, magazines, etc. Instructions on the side of the dumpster list the appropriate materials to recycle. This is not for other recycling materials such as plastic bags, cardboard, or aluminum.