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Building a Brighter Future

A Strong Future

God has been faithful to Lighthouse Christian Academy by providing a place to train future Christian leaders who will impact the world for Christ. In response, the Board of Trustees strives to be good stewards of God’s provision.
To continue with this vision, important decisions must be made to ensure a strong future is in place for years to come. One such decision focuses on how to address our facility limitations.
The demand for Christ-centered education in Bloomington is growing. The Board has established a compelling vision for the future to respond to growth in the student body while continuing to provide academic excellence. Since student enrollment is at capacity, it is time again to step out in faith to advance our educational offerings and grow our facilities.

A Bright Future

   To realize the vision of Lighthouse Christian Academy we have conducted a capital campaign for facility expansion. The projected size of the addition is 18,000 square feet.
Our first priority is to add a high school wing of nine (9) classrooms, modern science lab space, a media center, administration offices, and a student commons space. This will allow for approximately 100 more students when capacity is reached. Building this additional classroom space, dedicated to high school students, will allow some current classroom space to support the elementary school program, which will increase LCA’s academic offerings and efficiency school-wide.
The second, important priority is to build a multi-purpose room to be used as a cafeteria, band room, and a half-gym with locker rooms.
Finally, some current classroom space will be renovated to house a new library and art classroom.

Building A Brighter Future

 LCA’s mission is at the heart of our building campaign, named Building a Brighter Future.
The campaign’s theme verse is Psalm 78:4b, “We will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord.” God has entrusted His Word to His people, along with His desire to see successive generations of families taught about Himself, so that they too can celebrate His wonderful works.
Throughout our history, LCA has made strategic decisions to move forward by relying on faith in God’s leading and provision.
  • In response to enrollment growth, we constructed our current building.
  • In response to economic downturns, we adjusted staffing and programming accordingly.
  • To keep our curriculum current and cutting edge, we have added classes and increased advanced placement courses to meet the needs of today’s students.
All of these moves were done in faith. Now, in that same spirit of faith and from a desire to be good stewards, we are acting once again.

Your Commitment

Thankfully, most of the support for this building project has been raised. Still we invite you to partner with us to Build a Brighter Future for LCA:
  • Pray that Lighthouse Christian Academy will continue to make an impact for eternity on the lives of its students.
  • Give a generous gift, over and above your current giving, to the Building a Brighter Future Capital Campaign.
  • Encourage your friends and family to support this worthy effort.
Gifts may be given directly to LCA in the form of checks, credit/debit card payments, or cash.
Please contact our campaign manager to give real estate, stock or securities, IRA transfers, or highly appreciated personal property.
Thank you for prayerfully considering a gift to support Lighthouse Christian Academy.
For more information, please contact our Development Director at 812-824-2000 or [email protected].

Give To The Capital Campaign

I pledge to support the capital campaign with my commitment below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Currently, LCA enrollment is over maximum capacity. The current facility can no longer meet the needs of our growing student body and staff. Due to this overcrowding, many grades cannot accept new students and three temporary modular class rooms are required.
By expanding our facility, students will have more class room space, along with a cafeteria, science lab, art room, and locker rooms. We will also be able to increase library space and eliminate the need for classes in the modular and the farmhouse.
The proposed expansions will allow us to accommodate our current student body while strengthening our academic offerings along with adding more opportunities for athletics and extracurricular activities.
It is our goal to not take on additional debt by raising the funds through this campaign.
This capital campaign is intended to cover the total costs of the proposed expansions. Any changes to tuition will not be a result of this construction project. Additional operating costs for the larger school facility will be offset by funds currently used to operate the modular classrooms. Any additional costs associated with increased enrollment will be balanced by tuition paid by those families. Tuition assistance will not be affected by this campaign.
Our goal is to break ground some time in 2022 and have our first classes in the new space beginning the following year.
Instructional time will be carefully guarded during times of construction. Every effort will be taken to maintain an optimal learning environment with minimal disruptions.
While the expansion is addressing both the current student body’s need for space and the potential for future growth, the priority is to improve our facilities for our current students by improving science labs, the library, art room, locker rooms, and eliminating the need for classroom space in the modular. When completed, the expansion will allow for a total of 450 students.
The first priority of the facility expansion is the high school wing. This will include eight additional classrooms, modern science lab space, a small media center, administration offices, storage, and possible atrium space. The second important priority is to build a multi-purpose room/cafeteria/music room, and a half gym with locker rooms for all students to utilize. Our library will be expanded, and the art room will be updated and moved from the Farmhouse to the main building.
In partnership with Christian families, LCA invites the entire community of parents, grandparents, alumni and friends of the school to support this project. People – families and individuals – will undoubtedly give the majority of the funds needed to support this campaign. We also welcome gifts from churches and businesses.
Yes. LCA welcomes gifts to name spaces such as a new classroom in honor of your family or in memory of your loved ones. More information on these opportunities is available upon request.
LCA welcomes one-time gifts as well as multi-year gifts. You can make a multi-year pledge today and delay your gift until a future date. You can give your pledge payments on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. LCA will send you pledge reminders on your desired schedule.
Yes! The fundraising campaign will continue through the year 2020. Gifts designated to the campaign and given before December 31, 2020 will be counted toward the expansion project.
Yes. All gifts to support the LCA campaign are deductible as itemized charitable deductions for your federal income tax return, in accordance with IRS regulations.
Thank you! Gifts of all sizes will help turn our plans into reality. Many people choose to give by personal check or credit card. LCA faculty and staff can give directly via payroll deduction with electronic funds transfer (EFT). You can also give non-cash assets. You can transfer appreciated assets such as real estate, mutual funds, and company stocks and bonds. Gifts of appreciated assets (owned for more than one year) can allow you to avoid paying capital gains taxes, in addition to entitling you to a federal income tax deduction. Seniors who are eligible to take mandatory withdrawals from IRAs may instead opt to transfer gifts directly to LCA from their IRAs.

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