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Student Driver Contract

Driving to and from Lighthouse Christian Academy is a privilege that carries with it a great responsibility. Please read through the following list. These simple rules allow us to ensure safety for those driving, as well as those walking on campus.  

A photocopy of the student’s license, registration, and insurance information must accompany this form.

  1. Student drivers must register their vehicles with the school office by completing this form.
  2. Students are only permitted to park in their designated parking spot.  A parking spot will be assigned once this contract, driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance have been turned in to the school office.
  3. Student drivers are to display their parking tag from the rearview mirror at all times while parked at LCA.
  4. Student drivers may only drive themselves and their siblings to/from school and to/from school events. Student drivers may not transport any other student(s).
  5. Student drivers may only transport other students from school to their home after school dismissal, with written permission from all parents involved.
  6. Student drivers may only transport other students from home to school in the mornings with written permission from all parents involved.
  7. Student athletes travel as a team at the coach’s or sponsor’s discretion.
  8. Student drivers may not drive on field trips. All students must ride with a Lighthouse Christian Academy approved adult driver.
  9. Student drivers must park their vehicles in the parking spaces next to the field. Once parked, the vehicle should be locked and may not be visited until dismissal without permission from the office.
  10. Student drivers must follow all Lighthouse Christian Academy traffic patterns in the morning and for dismissal. The speed limit on campus is 5 mph.
  11. Student drivers who are scheduled for early dismissal must leave campus upon dismissal. Student drivers may not stay on campus unsupervised.
  12. All vehicles parked on campus are subject to search at the discretion of the administration.
  13. Student drivers who violate school policy and policies listed on this contract will have their driving privilege suspended and/or revoked.

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