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Building Use Application


Building Use Application

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$25 per hour for non-profit organizations for up to 3 hours and groups of 50 or less.  Extra costs for longer use and/or larger groups will be negotiated with the school administration.

$35 per hour if fees are charged to the participants.

A Lighthouse Christian Academy representative must be present at all times. There will be an additional $15 per hour fee for the representative’s services.

A nonrefundable deposit of $30 is due within one week of the application’s approval.  The balance is due three days before the event.  If fees are not received on time, the event may be cancelled.  If the organization/group cancels the event, the fees minus the deposit will be refunded provided 24 hours’ notice is given.

Note:  Lighthouse Christian Academy, Inc. events take priority.  Any outside event may be cancelled because of an LCA event or the inability of an LCA representative to be present.  Every effort will be made to notify the organization/group as soon as possible if this occurs.  The deposit and fees for a cancelled event will be refunded.

Lighthouse Christian Academy, Inc. reserves the right to refuse the use of facilities to any person or organization at any time and for any reason without prior notice.


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Contact Person:  A letter on organization/group letterhead should accompany the application verifying the authority of the contact person to act on behalf of the organization/group.

Supervision:   Adequate supervision must be provided for all activities involving children under the age of 18.  The contact person of the organization/group is responsible for the behavior of all participants.

Liability:  The organization/group is responsible for any losses, injuries, or damage to the property that is incurred during their use of the facilities.  The organization will be responsible to reimburse Lighthouse Christian Academy Inc. for costs for repairs or extra cleaning.  A certificate of insurance designating Lighthouse Christian Academy, Inc. as the certificate holder must be provided to Lighthouse Christian Academy, Inc. before approval of the application.

Maintenance:  General maintenance of all facilities used is required.  This includes the removal of trash and all personal property at the end of the event.  The facility should be left in the same or better condition than when the group entered the facility.

Conduct and Dress Code:  Conduct must reflect Christian character and behavior.  Dress must be modest in accordance with the nature of the activity.  Dress and conduct should be consistent with the standards as stated in the LCA Student/Parent Handbook.  A copy will be provided to the contact person of the organization/group.

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