Inclement Weather Information

As winter progresses, so does the chance of inclement weather.  Below please find information on our inclement weather notification process.
Inclement Weather Plan
Mosely and Mr. Day will communicate by 5:00 am. We will try to have a decision out before 6:00 am.
We will consider the following sources of data:
  • Monroe County Emergency Management input from the Director Jamie Neibel
  • INDOT Road Conditions Online Map
  • MCCSC Facilities Directors input
  • Mosely’s road conditions opinions on roads near LCA.
If necessary, Mr. Day will also drive to Bloomington and assess road conditions.
Information will be sent out to LCA families via email, text, Facebook, and the LCA website.
Day and Dr. Mosely will also contact other media outlets.
If it is possible to reach a definitive decision “pre” the inclement weather event, we will do so.
Lastly, the LCA family is spread out over a substantial geographical area. It is feasible that weather conditions will not be the same in every location, therefore, we will also honor the decision making of trustworthy people. If we have an inclement weather event, and you feel that it is unsafe to travel in your specific area, or if you cannot navigate safely, then we will excuse the absence and work with you.